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Guide for newcomers

Postby ruchirrathore » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:47 am

I have been using ZIpMagic for quite a long time. But I am still not clear about difference between Double Space, Drive Space and Stacker. Also, I have not really understood how to work successfully with Double Space and Stacker. All I do with ZIp Magic is to compress my C drive using drivespace. Although it does a great job of creating more space and compressing my C drive, I am interested in Double Space / Stacker.

Here are my questions :

For the purpose of compressing C drive, which does better job of creating most space, Drivespace? or DoubleSpace? or Stacker?
Can someone please tell me step by step guide of working with Double Space and Stacker? Specially, what NOT to do to avoid ending up with an unbootable partition and Windows.

Someone please help me clarify.
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Re: Guide for newcomers

Postby admin » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:25 pm

A very warm welcome to you!

Great to see you've built confidence with DriveSpace, and are now ready to take the next step.

Stacker is actually not for boot drives, so that one is easily crossed off the list.

You want to use DoubleSpace. If you're worried, just use a Backup Disk. If the process fails before your Backup Disk is created, no changes are made to your hard disk. If the process fails after your Backup Disk is created (while changes are being made to your hard disk), you have your Backup Disk. In the very worst case scenario, you can always reinstall Windows and then use your Backup Disk to recover your PC after reinstalling ZIPmagic on your reinstalled Windows.

It's really as simple as that. I envision that down the road you'll even stop using Backup Disks. When you do that, just please manually copy the file c:\ZIPmagic.WIM to a Backup Disk. This will help you recover your PC to the exact state it was in when you had last compressed it with DoubleSpace. You can use it to recover from malware, mis-configuration, bad updates, user error, anything, really. And if your hard disk is intact, you can just do a System Refresh using DoubleSpace anytime for a recovery using the on-disk copy of c:\ZIPmagic.WIM.
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