[Solved] How to translate your advertisement?

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[Solved] How to translate your advertisement?

Postby joe63 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:28 pm


on your website, you promote a class of so called "Lempel-Ziv-Simon" algorithms. (LZS80, and so on).

I don't get why they are called "Lempel-Ziv-Simon" (The "Simon" part obviously refers to you as the "creator").

But have you actually invented new compression algorithms together with / based on work by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv?
Or do you just provide a GUI for algorithms that have already been invented by other people?

Because when I download you application, it seems like your so called "Lempel-Ziv-Simon" algorithms are just GUI front ends for other libraries / techniques.
Like "LZS80" actually uses LZNT1 under the hood, "LZS85" uses LZX, "LZS90" uses wimlib libraries and "LZS100" uses Microsoft's data deduplication.

You have invented non of them, so why do you name them after you?

P.S. LZS is already used for the famous "Lempel-Ziv-Stac-Algorithm". (These guys actually invented a new algorithm, not just a GUI)
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Re: How to translate your advertisement?

Postby admin » Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:59 pm

It is a common misconception that Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression is "just a GUI". For example, Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression includes a proprietary disk compression driver (see screenshot below) which is used in the projection of larger disk capacities and increased free disk space, which is something you cannot find outside of LZS Disk Compression:

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Driver
Capture.PNG (57.31 KiB) Viewed 16127 times

That is to say nothing of severe limitations with both Windows and the other tools/platforms you have mentioned, none of which can be meaningfully used on their own without third party tooling. This has been covered extensively on the main ZIPmagic website, so I will not rehash this point here.

The fact is, Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression is the first and only full-service transparent disk compression provider for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. While it does not introduce a new compression algorithm, this point is highly irrelevant. Compression algorithms have been highly commoditized in the 21st century, where the best ones are free such as 7-Zip - which outperforms every other file archiver out there without question, and is fully supported in ZIPmagic's file compression suite, of course - with greater performance and higher ease of use compared to the default 7-Zip implementation.

However, as far as transparent disk compression is concerned, it is less a matter of the algorithm and more a matter of how the transparent disk compression service is integrated with the operating system. For example, while the compression afforded by LZNT1, WIMLIB, XPRESS4K through XPRESS32K, and LZX are nowhere even close to the compression savings you could achieve with 7-Zip; any implementation of 7-Zip compression at the transparent disk compression level would have to be a custom implementation (since Microsoft does not ship one with the operating system). Thus, even if it were to exist, using a custom 7-Zip transparent disk compression implementation would carry a huge risk until many users got burnt and many bugs got fixed as a result.

This is where Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression truly shines: The burden of trust is placed upon the operating system, instead of an unknown third party entity. If you trust Windows to store your data, then you can unequivocally trust LZS Disk Compression to keep your data safe AND compressed; this is simply because LZS Disk Compression is built on top of core Windows operating system compression services.

However, you simply cannot achieve anything near the compression ratios (or the amount of free space) that LZS Disk Compression achieves for you with any Windows-integrated, open-source, or commercial project (the last of which, there is none other than ZIPmagic anyways). Please be my guest and try! At the end of your experimentation, you might find yourself a Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression convert.

It was a glaring, embarrassing gap for Windows to NOT have transparent disk compression for a full two decades, despite all of the advances in CPU and software technology in the years since transparent disk compression for MS-DOS and 16-bit Windows was invented.

Therefore it has been and still is ZIPmagic's exclusive privilege to be the sole vendor offering transparent disk compression for modern 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

I hope the above at least partially addresses your concern. I of course could not divulge any trade secrets on patent-pending, proprietary Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression technology at a public forum for any competitor to copy or any patent researcher to find and invalidate my patent application with. So I have had to limit my response to publicly available information in this thread.
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