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Postby admin » Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:37 am

The full disk compression components of ZIPmagic have always fully supported Unicode.

The archiving components of ZIPmagic have not, due to the product being based on the inheritance of an ANSI plug-in framework and API from the original authors at MimarSinan.

You probably have not noticed this, as evidenced by the very few complaints on lack of true Unicode support we have received over the years. Part of this is thanks to the workarounds and clever tricks that ZIPmagic employs to be able to open archives and files inside archives containing special characters, even without official Unicode support.

In the real world, you'd only most likely notice the issue when you got a pure Chinese archive, for example. Even then, ZIPmagic can still browse the archive and launch files inside it when you click the "???" file names replacing each Chinese character.

However, primarily for our friends in Asia, we are now debuting official Unicode support within the archiving components of ZIPmagic:


This version currently is limited to only two (2) plug-ins, and no open source updates; while the new Unicode API and plug-in framework is legacy compatible with ANSI plug-ins, our first Unicode beta takes a purist approach to the question of Unicode implementation.

Please don't hesitate to try out the beta and send us your feedback. The Unicode version will continue to evolve with your valuable feedback, one day replacing the flag banner ANSI version, as we work together in bringing the stability and reliability found in the current ANSI version to the brand-new Unicode implementation.

Specific areas where we're asking for input in this release include:

1) Any stability issues with any area of the product
2) Whether the currently missing plug-ins are of any concern to you

Last but not least, as I mentioned in my opening post above, the transparent disk compression components of ZIPmagic have always supported Unicode - and they remain unchanged in this Unicode beta above.

Thank you for helping make ZIPmagic the great tool that it is!
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