ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 Brochure

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ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 Brochure

Postby admin » Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:35 am

ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 adds support for new on-line compression methods introduced with Windows 10: XPRESS (4K through 16K) and LZX.

With these new methods, DriveSpace 6 almost matches DoubleSpace 2's compression space savings, without having to reboot or exit Windows.

The DriveSpace 6 command line options have also been updated to support the new compression parameters.

Of course, DriveSpace 6 still auto-adjusts the number of CPU cores that are optimal for your chosen compression strength and underlying storage hardware (SSD or HDD). The new compression algorithms have been found to be a lot more resource intensive than the older ones, so XPRESS is limited to your exact number of CPU cores, while LZX is limited to two thirds of your exact CPU core count. Hyperthreaded cores are included in both scenarios. LZNT1, the NTFS compression standard and previously the only supported compression setting, can productively consume up to twice your CPU core count, again including hyperthreading.

DriveSpace 6 continues to support older Windows versions, down until Windows XP. Of course, the new compression settings are available only with Windows 10 or Server 2016. Enjoy!
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