ZIPmagic DoubleSpace 2 Brochure

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ZIPmagic DoubleSpace 2 Brochure

Postby admin » Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:52 am

ZIPmagic DoubleSpace 2 is the second major version upgrade to DoubleSpace, and is focused on making WIMBoot technology easy to use and scalable to the long-term.

WIMBoot is rendered practically useless without third party tooling like DoubleSpace 2, because of the space-bleed problem: Files deleted do not recover any space on disk, and files updated consume almost twice their uncompressed size on disk. This rapidly causes a WIMBoot volume to degrade to a worse-than state compared to an uncompressed disk.

DoubleSpace 2 addresses the WIMBoot space bleed challenge in the following ways: Folder Exclusions let you exclude frequently updated file system folders (with defaults included in DriveSpace 2, such as for the Windows Indexing database and Outlook email data files), compressing them with LZNT1 (NTFS compression) instead of WIMBoot - curing space bleed, and still packing your data as tightly as possible. DoubleSpace 2 can also recompress your disk at any time, to reclaim unused space from deleted files, and to recompress any new files/modified files on disk.

DoubleSpace 2 also introduces one-click disk cloning functionality: You may now Backup, Restore, or Clone disks - either in compressed (WIMBoot) or uncompressed mode. A one-click Uncompression option is also available, letting you decompress your disk at any time for any reason, such as a major Windows version upgrade.

Combined with the instant-availability of DoubleSpace 2 from your PC boot menu, without having to use an external USB to reboot your PC; DoubleSpace 2 remains the easiest and strongest transparent disk compression tool available for Microsoft Windows today. DoubleSpace 2 runs on Windows 8.1 Update 1/Server 2012 R2 Update 1, and also supports Windows 10 and Server 2016. Enjoy!
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