Upgrading to Windows 10 with WIMBoot

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Upgrading to Windows 10 with WIMBoot

Postby admin » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:58 pm

DoubleSpace is fully compatible on Windows 10 and runs excellent on the latest betas of the operating system.

If you want to upgrade an existing Windows 8.1 Update 1 installation to Windows 10, and you have previously compressed your disk using either DoubleSpace, or any other WIMBoot provider, please follow the steps below:

Have an undo disk ready and run a fresh instance of DoubleSpace, using the Undo Disk option. You can choose the weakest compression for the fastest processing time; since you will be retaking an image only for the purpose of decompression. (You can skip this step if you don’t care to retain changes made to your system since the last time you ran DoubleSpace)

After processing completes in exclusive DoubleSpace mode, do NOT reboot (decline the system restart option in the message box). Then, double-click the program icon on the top left corner of the window. This opens up the hidden settings window.

From here, check System Restore. Verify the path to your WIM image is correct (this would already point to the Undo Disk image just created). Click OK, and then click Compress.

This will now apply the WIM file in regular, non-WIMBoot mode. The net effect of this regular application is that your system is uncompressed.

After upgrading to Windows 10, re-run DoubleSpace :)

These generic decompression instructions are applicable at any time, of course. Also, you may use your ZIPmagic.WIM file at any time to move your PC, or to manually apply your PC image to any PC, using either DoubleSpace (in WIMBoot mode or regular mode), or any other command line tool (again in WIMBoot/compressed mode or regular/uncompressed mode).
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