Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Brochure

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Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Brochure

Postby admin » Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:41 pm

Please find attached the brochure describing ZIPmagic's unique Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression technology.

With this major version upgrade:

1) The brand-new Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Wizard helps you choose which algorithm to use when compressing your disks (LZS80-LZS85-LZS90-LZS100).

2) You get to Tune your Expected Compression Ratio, helping you project a larger amount of free disk space to Windows and Apps before installing/copying compressible data.

Please enjoy!
Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression.pdf
Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Brochure
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