ZIPmagic 18.01 / DiskZIP 2019.1 Update

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ZIPmagic 18.01 / DiskZIP 2019.1 Update

Postby admin » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:36 pm


Moving forward, ZIPmagic will only be receiving critical performance and security updates. New features will be implemented in DiskZIP only. We ask that all users upgrade to DiskZIP at a schedule of their convenience.

New Features in ZIPmagic 18.01 / DiskZIP 2019.1 Update

1. Full support for Windows 10 1809 (Fall 2019) Update.

2. Full support in DriveSpace / DiskZIP Online for ARM64 platforms - cellular PCs running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835/850 CPUs may now compress their disks!

3. Defragmentation in DiskZIP Offline nets even more acceleration and more free disk space, even on SSDs thanks to optimized NTFS MFT structures. [DiskZIP Only]

4. Integration with Outlook 2019 for secure compressed attachment previews and secure attachment compression.

5. DiskZIP Offline may now be forced to skip the mandatory disk check before processing. This option, while dangerous, has helped some users with chronic disk checking cycles in Windows itself (unrelated to DiskZIP) to compress their disks, in some cases even breaking them out of the repeated disk checking cycle upon every reboot. [DiskZIP Only]

6. Brand-new one-click installer/uninstaller for the entire suite. The installer automatically selects the right components for the right platforms. [DiskZIP Only]

7. File Explorer integration memory leaks have been fixed. These leaks resulted in File Explorer crashing over the course of days/weeks.

8. DriveSpace / DiskZIP Online once again supports Windows XP and Server 2003. A regression bug had broken compatibility with these platforms earlier.

9. Right-click extraction could sometimes be slow due to enumeration of file system contents before beginning the process. This delay has been completely eliminated by avoiding the redundant enumeration.

10. This version fixes some issues with Windows File Explorer accelerator key handling - pressing Alt could freeze File Explorer before.

11. It also improves resiliency of the shell namespace extension cannot be created for any reason, such as low memory conditions. Previously this would crash File Explorer.
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