LZS8X Disk Compression

LZS80-LZS85 double your disk with a single click!

LZS80 uses safe, proven LZNT1 (NTFS) compression to increase your disk capacity. LZS85 uses
enhanced Windows 10 compression. Your disk can be compressed while Windows and your apps
are online, without having to reboot or suffer any downtime - even if it is your boot disk! LZS80 runs on all Windows versions, and on all types of disks - making it the most versatile full disk compression tool. Perfect for virtual or private servers, LZS85 supports
new Windows 10 compression technology. Only LZS projects increased disk capacity and free space with a customizable ratio.

  • Multi-Threaded CompressionCompress 8 to 32 times faster than Windows on SSD hardware
  • Compress All Files and FoldersCompress a much larger portion of your disk than Windows
  • Compress Files Larger than 4 GBCompress files which cannot be processed by LZS90
  • Advanced Command LineInvoke from the command line with manual thread count configuration
  • Maximum Resource UtilizationAutomatically adjust number of CPU cores used for most efficient throughput
  • Downgrade CompressionConvert to faster compression types without first decompressing entire disk
  • Define File Type ExclusionsSkip compressing file types that are unsafe to compress, such as SQL Server
  • One-Click Optimal OperationAutomatic settings for all types of CPUs, disks, and compression
  • Skip Compressing WIMBoot FilesInteroperate with LZS90 to maximize space
  • Safer To Use than compact.exeWindows's built-in compact.exe can sometimes make your system unbootable




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