Frequently Asked Questions

What is the patent?

ZIPmagic is protected by U.S. Patent 10,911,065, successfully filed at the USPTO.

ZIPmagic is the only data compression provider to offer disk compression, in addition to file compression. While other compression products such as WinZip and WinRAR also provide file compression, they cannot provide any disk compression, which is the subject of patent.

Are there really discount coupons hidden in the trial version?

Yes. ZIPmagic is now gamified! No purchase is necessary to play the ZIPmagic achivement game. Use ZIPmagic achievements to unlock hidden discounts. During various stages of compressing your disk with ZIPmagic, you unlock one or more achievements. Each achievement awards a unique discount coupon at a unique percentage. The more you compress your disk, the greater your achievements. Order here at any time - with our without a discount coupon!TOP

Do you have an EXE installer which I can use for network deployment?

Yes. Please download ZIPmagic.exe and use it for unattended deployment. You may also download ZIPmagic.exe for the Server Edition. To directly deploy either EXE installer across your corporate network, run setup with the /ddq command line parameter.TOP

Do you have a MSI installer which I can use for Active Directory/Group Policy deployment?

Yes. Please download ZIPmagic.msi and use it for unattended deployment. You may also download ZIPmagic.msi for the Server Edition. Please note that you can also directly push our EXE installer referenced above without having to use any third party software for unattended deployment.TOP

Can I provide a serial number for network deployment?

Yes. Please download ZIPmagic.ini which provides an example of how to specify a serial number during an installation. As long as the ZIPmagic.ini file is placed in the same folder as the ZIPmagic setup file itself (ZIPmagic.exe or ZIPmagic.msi), the installer will find it and read your serial.TOP

Doesn't Zip Folders which is built-in to Windows already do this?

No, it does not. Zip Folders only work with ZIP files and offer only very basic functionality. ZIPmagic works with all archive types and offers unique features not even found in competing archive utilities!TOP

Do you provide stand-alone applications or a command line interface?

Yes. ZIPmagic includes a command line interface, a very advanced ZIPmagic Studio application, a quick and efficient ZIPmagic Express application, and two wizards for compressing and extracting files step-by-step. You may even disable the Archive Folders functionality of ZIPmagic and use these stand-alone applications to open your archives (the classic mode that all other compression utilities work in), if you so prefer.TOP

Can I dissociate ZIPmagic from certain archive types?

Yes. You have complete freedom in choosing which compression utility owns which archive types. From the Start Menu, in the ZIPmagic program group, open Archive Ownership which is located under Advanced Tools.TOP

Can I open unknown archives with ZIPmagic?

Yes. Change the file extension to 7ZIP (press F2 after clicking the file name in Windows Explorer). You will then be able to browse inside the unknown archive using ZIPmagic. If that doesn't work, try other file extensions supported by your installed ZIPmagic plug-ins - chances are, one of them will support your unknown archive.

Note: If you don't see any file extensions at all, please visit before attempting to change the file extension. TOP

Can I reduce the number of items ZIPmagic inserts into the Explorer right-click menu?

Yes. From the Start Menu, in the ZIPmagic program group, open Explorer Right-Click Settings which is located under Advanced Tools. Uncheck each menu item you wish to hide.TOP

Can I show more archive types on the Explorer right-click menu for compression?

Yes. From the Start Menu, in the ZIPmagic program group, open Explorer Right-Click Settings which is located under Advanced Tools. Choose the Censor Right-Click Archive List tab. Remove each archive type to show on the Explorer right-click menu from the censor list.TOP

Why am I unable to update files inside archives?

Certain archive formats employ solid compression, which compresses data from different files as if it was all coming from a single file. While this improves compression, it does mean that all of the files must be treated atomically - they can only be extracted or updated as a whole, and not individually.TOP

Can I not create archives in solid mode?

Yes. From the Start Menu, in the ZIPmagic program group, open Compression Settings which is located under Advanced Tools. In the Select Archive combo box, choose the archive type to not create in solid mode. Then, click each of the buttons Compression Settings, Compression Settings for Tools, and Right-Click Compression Settings.

As you click each button, disable the solid compression setting in the archive-specific window that appears. TOP

Can I create password protected archives?

Yes. In the Explorer right-click menu, choose Compress (if you do not see the Compress menu item, enable it first). Then, check the archive type(s) to use. Finally, click Settings to specify a password. All archives you create will now use this password.TOP

I am a reseller, do you have an affiliate program for ZIPmagic?

Yes. Share in the magic of ZIPmagic and generate some healthy income! Please email to sign up as an affiliate.TOP

I am a developer, can I write my own plug-ins for ZIPmagic?

Yes. We appreciate your support of the ZIPmagic eco-system very much! Please visit the ZIPmagic open source repository at to obtain the ZIPmagic Software Development Kit, the ZIPmagic SDK samples, and the full source codes for all of the open source ZIPmagic plug-ins.TOP

I am an OEM or web host, do you offer SSD or server bundling discounts on ZIPmagic?

Yes. ZIPmagic may be bundled with your SSD hardware and (virtual) servers. Please email to obtain further information.TOP