ZIPmagic Features

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression is guaranteed to reduce Windows 10’s footprint in half, from the original 10 GB down to only 5 GB. Compression benefits also extend to all apps and data stored on disk, with similar expectations for compression of user files very reasonable. The compression ratio is user adjustable (to prepare for storing highly compressible data), with Windows projecting a disk capacity and free space increase in proportion to the user selected ratio.

  WinZip ZIPmagic
Shell Namespace Extension Technology:
So Easy it Feels Like Magic!
Find Smallest Archive:
Benchmark Compression Algorithms
Designed for SSDs:
Process Multiple Archives Simultaneously
LZ8X Disk Compression:
Online Full Disk Compression with Transparent Data Access
Intelligent "Extract to Subfolder":
Skips Unneeded Folder Creation
Plug-In Extensible:
Add Support for New Archive Types
Outlook Add-In, Attachment Previews:
E-mail Attachment Compression and Previews
LZS90 Disk Compression:
Compress Boot Disks with a 2.4:1 Ratio
JPEG Compression, 256 Bit AES Encryption:
ZIPX Plug-In: WinZip Compatible JPEG Compression
LZS100 Disk Compression:
Compress Data Disks with a 4.1:1 Ratio
Recursive Extract:
Extract Multiple Nested Archives in a Single Pass

1. Requires additional purchase.